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Last updated: November 2022


LiteSpeed web server is a drop-in Apache replacement. From adopting LiteSpeed you can expect to see;

  • Faster site loading times
  • Increased security (ModSecurity rules)
  • LiteSpeed’s caching plugins for the major CMS’s (WordPress)
  • Improved server load

Enhance supports Apache, LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed. It is possible to run different web servers on each server in your Enhance cluster. You can also switch between all supported web servers without any configuration changes or operating system details.

Switching to LiteSpeed

Switching to LiteSpeed web server will:

  • Automatically shut down Apache and run the official LS docker image on the default http and https ports
  • If switching from Apache, all php-fpm containers will be stopped and restarted lsphp
  • Support all previous Apache settings including mod_security rules, error log settings and more

ℹ️ Before proceeding, you must firstly obtain a LiteSpeed licence. If you do not enter a LiteSpeed licence key you will automatically be placed on the enterprise 15-day trial license for LiteSpeed web server.

To switch to LiteSpeed web server:

  1. Select Servers from the left hand menu
  2. Select the server you would like to edit the Application role for
  3. Scroll to Roles section and select the Application tab
  4. Select Settings and when the page loads, select Edit
  5. Select LiteSpeed and follow the instructions on screen to finish

You can expect to see downtown from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, this depends on server load and the number of hosted websites.

LiteSpeed configuration

ℹ️ The LiteSpeed config can not yet be customised.

Sensible default config settings for mass hosting are set with caching enabled on all websites when used with a suitable CMS plugin such as LiteSpeed Cache.

ℹ️ Any changes made within the LiteSpeed admin panel will not be retained.

Change admin username and password

Upon installation a randomised LiteSpeed Admin panel username and password is generated.

To change LiteSpeed username and password:

1. Enter your LiteSpeed container

docker exec -it litespeed /bin/bash

2. Run the command below and follow the onscreen prompts;


Still need help?

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