Enhance release notes

Last updated: May 2022

Enhance 5.0.9

28th April 2022


  • A SSH login command is now displayed on 'SSH keys' and 'SSH password authentication'.


  • Additional user guidance provided on 'nameservers' creation.
  • phpMyAdmin display_errors disabled explicitly on the sign on script - this will override any server settings.
  • Website placement falls back to global placement if no available role is in the packages assigned server group.
  • Website dashboard load speed is now faster thanks to a separate DNS status end point.
  • Source maps are no longer distributed with the Frontend bundle.
  • 'Backup Enhance software' setting has been removed. The Enhance database is automatically backed up every 4hrs.
  • Session cookies now have the 'Secure' flag.
  • Cross origin headers are no longer sent by default.
  • Additional validation has been added to the backup role installation to guide users.

    Bug fix

  • When renaming a file is selected, the name would default to '-copy'. This is now fixed.
  • The page title now obeys the organisations brand settings.
  • Email resources now default to '0' when an email role is installed after the package is created.
  • When a server role install times out a descriptive error message is now displayed and the role installation continues in the background.

Enhance 4.1.1

14th April 2022


  • Internal DNS resolver (used for Let's Encrypt pre-flight checks) is now faster and more efficient.
  • phpMyAdmin single signon now uses cache buster to prevent caching of redirects in some browsers.

Bug fix

  • phpMyAdmin single sign-on bug when a website has multiple databases.
  • Service updates now continue on a given server even if one service fails to update.
  • Error on subscribing customers to shared plans

Enhance 4.0.2

13th April 2022


  • A server's primary IP can now be updated. Updating the primary IP will update in the database and the in-memory store. It will only impact newly added sites.


  • When a domain alias is added with a directory that doesn't exist, the directory is now created.
  • Install link now uses ''.
  • Small UI improvements.

Bug fix

  • On mobile it was not possible to visit the 'My account' page. This is now fixed.
  • phpMyAdmin single sign-on logic now occurs mostly via the API and sessions are populated in backend. This improves reliability and security of phpMyAdmin single sign-on.
  • Licence usage calculation now excludes "service" websites.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

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