Find answers to commonly asked questions about Enhance


  • Enhance is a comprehensive multi-server, website and customer automation platform designed for web hosting companies and web agencies.

  • No, the Enhance platform is production ready. New features are released with a BETA tag which is removed only once the feature has been in production use for two months without any bug reports. We're continuously developing the Enhance platform and you will receive regular updates including new features and bug fixes if you choose to start using Enhance.

  • Yes, Enhance can be installed on cloud or physical servers, owned or rented, as long as your have root access. Please double check that your server of choice meets the minimum installation requirements.

  • Enhance is a UK registered company. Our office is based just outside of London and our development team are based across the UK and Europe.

  • Yes, you can customise the Enhance control panel to match the look and feel of your brand. You can learn more about customisation here.

  • Yes, there is full support for Resellers and even sub-resellers, plus several unique features that improve the reseller hosting experience.

  • It’s easy to move your files over to Enhance with FTP or via SSH.

    We're currently developing automated migrations of websites and even entire servers from popular control panels such as cPanel and Plesk.

  • Absolutely. We are committed to helping our customers succeed and continuously improving and developing the Enhance platform. We include new features in our regular releases and have many other features lined up for development.

  • If you'd like to request a specific feature, please email providing as much detail as possible. A member of the team will then be in touch to confirm what action we'll take.


  • You will be charged monthly based on the number of websites you host on Enhance. Pricing starts from 15 cents per websites and the cost per website decreases as your platform scales. You can view our Pricing here.

  • No, we do not classify Addon domains as billable websites. On Enhance you can add unlimited Domain aliases which map to the same document root or another document root within that website without incurring any additional cost (this is equivalent to 'Addon domains' or 'Parked domain' functionality in other control panels).

  • All current platform features are included in the per website cost. We do have a minimum billing threshold of $5 per Enhance estate which is advertised on our pricing page.

  • You will be invoiced at the end of each month for the number of websites hosted on your estate. We apply tiered pricing and websites will be billed at the tier in which they fall, for example:

    25,000 websites would be billed at ($0.15*5000)+($0.10*20000).

    You will not be billed for the number of servers you deploy or for Addon domains (additional domains mapped to a website).

  • We don't tie you into any minimum contract term. We're confident you'll love Enhance but, if for any reason you feel that it is not the best option for you, you can stop using Enhance at any point.

  • If you are hosting more than 100,000 websites, please get in touch to discuss enterprise pricing.

  • We are committed to maintaining our pricing model. We are an ambitious customer focused company whose business model is based on high growth rather than price rises. However, that said - It would be naive of us to ignore that there are factors out of our control that may lead to small adjustments in the future.

  • Yes, if you provide a dedicated instance of Enhance with its own control panel serverit will be subject to the $5 minimum billing threshold.


  • Truly unlimited multi-server capability

    A single Enhance control panel server can manage hundreds of servers, each providing any combination of roles (Application, Email, Database, Backup and DNS). Your customers can be spread across these servers or tied to a single server. One email server could support multiple application servers.

    Single panel

    Enhance provides a single user interface to manage all of your servers, customers (and their customers) and websites.


    The backup role can be installed on any server in your cluster (or multiple servers) and can run on commodity hardware from any available block device. Incremental "snapshot" backups are used for disk space efficiency.

    Website isolation

    Every PHP website on Enhance runs within its own container, under its own unix user providing true isolation even within the same hosting package. Enhance also provides domain aliases (comparable to "addon domains") which can map to directories within the same website.

    Per-website pricing

    Enhance does not charge per-server therefore you can configure your platform in the most efficient way for your business - you can run large servers, small servers, managed dedicated and VPS servers all at no extra cost within a shared Enhance cluster*, just pay the per-website price.

    * Dedicated and VPS having their own control panel installation are subject to the $5 minimum licence fee.

  • No, the Enhance software is installed on the infrastructure of the licence holder. Enhance can be installed on either a cloud provider or on premise or a mixture. Enhance requires no special backend networking, just a public IP address. Servers can be in any location.

  • A physical server or VM with 40GB disk, 2 CPU cores and 4GB RAM. Ubuntu 20.04. The install script takes care of all other configuration, including installing Docker. To successfully install Enhance you must have root access to the server.

  • Enhance deploys the popular open source LAMP stack and additional mail services.

    • Apache web server (alternatively LiteSpeed or OpenLiteSpeed)
    • PHP
    • MySQL database server
    • PostFix MTA
    • Dovecot IMAP
    • rspamd filter
    • PowerDNS DNS server
  • The Enhance frontend is built using React and Typescript and under the hood we use Rust.

  • Enhance is installed in a single command, run as root. Additional servers can be deployed to your estate with a single command and are automatically configured with your global service settings. Global service settings can be overridden on a per server basis at any point.

  • This isn't something we currently support. However, we are aware this is something customers may want. If you would like to request support for another distribution please email

  • We run unit tests, integration tests and manual front end and QA testing for each release. We test everything on multiple browsers and resolutions to ensure good compatibility.

  • This is not something we support at this time. You can submit a feature request by emailing

  • Enhance is inherently secure by its design, its unique underlying technology and various customer centric features.

    By default, all inter-server communication is encrypted and each website and service on Enhance is containerised limiting the potential attack surface

    Features like role-based access, WordPress security tools, automatic Let'sEncrypt provisioning and third party SSL certificate support all contribute to individual site security.

  • Enhance itself runs with very little overheads from management daemons. There’s also flexibility to create server estate/hosting environments to best manage load/demand. On top of this there are a number of features to optimise websites that are hosted on Enhance, like opcode caching and a per-site php.ini and php-fpm config editor.

  • Enhance does not currently interface with the underlying server infrastructure however it does allow you to easily migrate workloads between servers to facilitate upgrades.

  • Enhance does not use centralised storage. Each server is responsible for its own storage volumes, which may be local disks, RAID arrays or network storage at your discretion.
  • Yes, on Enhance it is possible to install a single role (Email, Backup, DNS, Database or Application) on a server.

  • It’s flexible. You can either run a backup service along with your web server or create a dedicated backup server and connect websites to it.

  • Yes, you can deploy a server and dedicate its use to a specific customer subscription. Servers added within your existing Enhance estate are not subject to the $5 minimum licence fee however standalone installations with their own control panel are.

  • Yes, it’s really easy to do so. Enhance has built-in functionality to enable you to move individual website roles or the whole website between servers.

  • You can assign a server manually, or configure Enhance to automatically place websites based on historic load, or number of active websites.

  • You can view our full feature list here.


  • All Enhance customers (including free trial customers) can contact our support team for help (9am - 9pm GMT) by opening a support ticket via my.enhance or emailing There's no extra charge for support.

  • You can open a support ticket by emailing or through the support section in your my.enhance account.

  • Yes, our team are on hand to help you get up and running with Enhance. We also have comprehensive how to guides covering everything from 'Installing Enhance' to 'Configuring a dedicated backup server.'

  • As Enhance is in Beta we could be realising new features and fixes as frequently as once a week however, this depends on a myriad of factors like unexpected behaviour or bugs. As Enhance moves out of Beta, we will be committing to a formal release cycle that will be publicly available.