Technology stack

The Enhance technology stack is secure and flexible allowing you to configure a high performance multi-server platform to scale and grow your business.

Web servers

Select your preferred web server. Run any combination of web server types and switch between kinds without any configuration changes to optimise the overall performance of your hosting cluster.


A lightweight drop in replacement for Apache, the LiteSpeed server provides enhanced performance with advanced full page caching and WordPress integration.


Developed by the Apache software foundation, the Apache HTTP server is the most popular open-source web server for maximum compatibility.


An open source version of LiteSpeed without commercial support. OpenLiteSpeed has limited .htaccess support.


An open-source web server, providing high performance with low resource usage and configuration. Configure cache exclusions, utilise FastCGI, purge cache, set rewrites on a per domain basis.


Out-of-the-box support for popular php modules and php versions 5.6 - 8.2.

The appropriate PHP SAPI is selected for your chosen web server. Enhance will provision PHP-FPM for Apache and Nginx and LSPHP for LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed. When changing web server type, the PHP SAPI is automatically reconfigured for any existing websites.


The Enhance backup role creates incremental, de-duplicated "time machine" backups using the btrfs file system. These snapshots are fast to create and restore as well as being very disk space efficient.

In addition to the built-in Enhance backups you can configure third party S3 compatible backups from providers like Backblaze, AWS and R2 to capture website backups. You can even run Enhance's built-in backups system and S3 backups side by side.