A powerful control panel for hosting providers

  • Containerized websites
  • A single admin and customer UI
  • Hard resource limits
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Build a high performance hosting cluster with zero-config scaling.

Run multiple servers with any combination of roles installed, deploy your preferred hosting stack, configure global server placement rules, backup settings and more.


Security is at the heart of the Enhance control panel. Server role and website isolation through containerisation, Let’s Encrypt provisioning, role based access and more help protect your cluster from vulnerabilities and threats.

High performance

Differentiate your offering and improve website load times with your choice of web server.

Limit the CPU, I/O bandwidth, IOPS, nproc and memory on a per-website basis basis to ensure consistent performance for all your hosted websites. Optimise my.cnf, php.ini and php-fpm globally or per-server.

Website tools

WordPress toolkit

Install, configure, secure, update and manage WordPress sites without having to leave the Enhance control panel.

cPanel importer

Migrate websites from cPanel to Enhance. Seamlessly copy sites, emails and all passwords.

Advanced backups

Create on demand and automatic website backups. Restore whole sites or individual databases and mailboxes.


How to guides to help you get the most out of Enhance.


API docs

All the information you need to integrate Enhance into your existing work flows.



Connect with the third party tools you use everyday.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about Enhance.


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