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Designed for the modern host, Enhance has all the tools and features you need to build and scale a cluster to meet your needs.

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Server management

Clustering support

Deploy 1 - 10,000 servers to your cluster and manage them all from a single UI.

Disaster recovery

Restore sites to another server within your cluster from the last available backup, with all DNS (and CloudFlare if enabled) automatically updated.

Simple server deployment

Provision new servers to your cluster with a single command.

Zero config scaling

Each server automatically inherits your global settings - make changes per-server where needed.

Website placement rules

Configure rules to automatically distributed sites to servers based on 'least load', 'least websites' or at 'random'.

Resource usage management

Limit the CPU, I/O bandwidth, IOPS, nproc and memory on a per-website basis to ensure consistent performance for all your hosted websites.

Move websites between servers

Move a whole website or individual services between servers in your hosting cluster with zero downtime.

Switch web server kind

Switch between Apache, NGINX, LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed without having to make any configuration changes.

Server groups

Group servers by location or performance and then link it to a package to automate website placement.

Server reboots

Gracefully or forcefully reboot a server directly from your control panel.

IPv6 Support

Assign an IPv6 address to each server in your cluster.

Disable placement

Simply disable placement on a specific server to prevent any additional websites from being placed on it.

Server statistics

Monitor Disk and Memory usage, Network and load with almost real time monitoring.

Restart roles

Gracefully or forcefully restart a specific role (Application, Database, Email, DNS or Backup) directly from your control panel.


Role containerisation

Every role is containerised, including all components of the email system. Containers have no access to website files, even if the application role is installed on the same server.

Website containerisation

Each stand alone website is containerised to protect other sites in your cluster from any vulnerabilities and cross contamination.

Brute force protection

Configure rate limits and block/allow lists for email addresses and IPs to help protect your cluster.

ModSecurity (OWASP)

Enable or disable ModSecurity for each server, customise default OWASP settings, add custom rules using an update the running OWASP version.


All websites and services on Enhance fully support SSL/TLS.

Auto Let's Encrypt SSL provisioning

Automatically provision Let's Encrypt to any unprotected websites.

Custom SSL Certificates

Install and manage third party SSL certificates.

Two-factor authentication

Add an additional layer of security with two-step verification to secure access to your control panel.

Prohibited domain names

Automatically block specific domains and subdomains from being added to your cluster.

Access tokens

Allow third-party access to the Enhance API without the need to log in.

Permission based access

Grant access to your team or external collaborators, with the safety of set user roles.


Tell Enhance to redirect all traffic for a website to HTTPS

Device tracking

Monitor and manage active sessions in an organisation.

Web servers


Run Apache on one or all servers in your cluster. Customise VirtualHost includes and ModSecurity rules.


Run LiteSpeed on one or all the servers in your cluster. 'Reset config to default' and 'Reset admin password' from within the Enhance control panel. Supports config persistence; changes made within the LiteSpeed admin panel are merged with config generated by Enhance.


Supports OpenLiteSpeed web server. Supports full page caching. Limited .htaccess support.


The Nginx web server is a light weight open-source web server. The Enhance Nginx web server allows for cache exclusion, purge cache, URL rewriting and FastCGI cache to be configured on a per domain basis (including domain aliases.)


Incremental backups built-in

A powerful incremental website backup system utilising btrfs is built into the Enhance platform.

S3 compatible backups

Configure a third party backup system. This can be standalone or run in addition to Enhance's built-in system.

Granular backup restores

Restore individual databases, email accounts or whole websites.

Generate on-demand backups

Create on demand full website and email backups in the click of a button

Schedule backups

Configure automatic cluster wide website backups specifying frequency, time and more.


Add and delete databases

Add, edit and delete databases.

User management

Add new database users, grant/revoke access to multiple databases, update passwords and more.

Import / Export SQL

Quickly import of export data directly to your browser.


Enhance's PowerDNS

Install the Enhance DNS role and have everything work automatically without any additional configuration.

Unlimited DNS servers

Run a decentralised DNS cluster of any size with all zones automatically synched between them.

DNS management

Utilise simple but powerful DNS management tools, powered by the open source PowerDNS

DNS templating

Create DNS records which are automatically added to every zone created within your hosting platform.

Domain re-mapping tool

Map or move domains to point to specific web roots within your hosting space.


Synchronise your domain's DNS and set your proxy status with Cloudflare.


Enable/disable DNSSEC on a per domain basis to authenticate existing DNS records.

Custom nameservers

Add custom nameservers such as ns1.{your_domain} and ns2.{your_domain}.


Multi-php versions

Run different php versions on a per website basis, with 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3 supported.

Default PHP version

Set a default php version for all new websites added to your cluster. Select which php versions are available to end users on a per package basis.

PHP modules

The Redis, IMAP, Brotli, Curl, ZIp and many more PHP mpdules are shipped in Enahnce's standard configuration. See full list of supported modules.

php.ini manager

Add and manage php directives on a platform, role and per website basis.

PHP max processes

Limit concurrent PHP proccesses to manage load and prevent database locks.

IonCube loader

Enable and disable IonCube loader on each website.

WordPress toolkit

Auto install WordPress

Create a hosting package that installs WordPress on each new website added to your cluster.

One-click install

Install the latest version of WordPress complete with an Admin user in just a few seconds.

User management

Add, delete and manage WordPress users direct from the Enhance control panel.

Multi-installation management

Install WordPress on multiple website directories and manage them all from the same place.

Autoupdate scheduler

Configure a core software and plugin update schedule.

wp admin lockdown

Restrict access to the wp-login page by allowing specific IPs only.

Plugin management

Manage, update and install new plugins direct from the Enhance control panel.


Quickly trigger the WordPress debug mode to view WP_DEBUG, WP_DEBUG_LOG and WP_DISPLAY.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Login to your WordPress admin area without having to enter your username and password.

Website management

File manager

Our inline file manager is fully-featured and the interface easily compatible with tablets, phones, as well as desktops and laptops. Drag and drop files, easily perform mass operations and so on.

Staging websites

Create staging websites and work separately from the 'live' version. Push to live with just one click.

Clone a website

Clone an existing site or add a site with an application pre-installed. Cloning automatically duplicates the database and updates website configuration files and paths.

FTP accounts

Add, remove and manage FTP accounts.

Redis cache

Enable/disable Redis on a per website basis. Redis starts inside the site's container and is private for each site.


Enable or disable ModSecurity for each of your domains.

Cron jobs

Schedule common tasks to automatically run at a specified date and time.

Opcode caching

Activate opcode caching native to Enhance. Simply toggle on/off for individual websites

SSH access

Connect with SSH keys or SSH password authentication.

Transfer website ownership

Seamlessly move website from your account to a customer's.

IP manager

Allow or block individual IP addresses from accessing your website

Bulk management

Quickly and easily perform common upkeep and management tasks across multiple websites and accounts.

cPanel importer

Quickly and easily move websites, emails and all passwords from cPanel using an account backup or SCP.

Vhost configuration

Enter a custom configuration for each domain on a website.

Plesk importer

Import websites and email account from Plesk using a site backup.


Webmail (Roundcube)

Powered by Roundcube. Supporting password changes, spam filtering and other advanced features through the webmail interface.

Mailboxes, aliases and forwarders

Aliases and forwarders allow you to have multiple addresses going to the same mailbox login for ease of management.


Control how often an autoresponder will send acknowledgements and other settings

Inbound spam filtering

Industry standard Rspam based filtering. Granular control over scoring requirements and whitelisting/blacklisting

SPF and DKIM authentication

Quickly and easily configure and monitor the status of SPF and DKIM records.

System generated emails

Send vital password reset and user invite emails using Enhance mail transfer agent of configure your own custom SMTP.

Allow / Block lists

Automatically accept or block inbound emails from specific email addresses.

Gmail auto-config

Link email addresses to Gmail in seconds.


DNS editor

Create, edit, and delete Domain Name System (DNS) zone records.

Alias, addon and sub domains

Add and manage alias, addon and subdomains.

301 / 302 Redirects

Add, edit and manage 301 and 302 redirects.

Change primary domain

Modify the primary domain name for an existing website in just a few clicks


Synchronise your domain's DNS and set your proxy status with Cloudflare.


Enable/disable DNSSEC on a per domain basis to authenticate existing DNS records.

Customer management


Access a customer's account and see exactly what they see without having to leave your account.

Upgrade / Downgrade package

Seamlessly upgrade or downgrade a customer's package to another of your hosting packages.

Soft / Permanently delete

Soft delete websites and customer accounts. Set a time frame for permanent removable from your cluster and restore on a whim.

Multi-package support

You can subscribe customers to multiple packages, all of which they can manage from a single account.

User interface

Single unified panel

Manage all servers, customers and websites all in one place. Admins and users login to the same panel and see only the tools that are relevant to them.

Fully responsive

Access Enhance on desktop, tablet and mobile without any feature limitations.


Fully customise the Enhance panel with colours, logos, fonts and more that mirror the look and feel of your hosting company.

Multi-account support

Manage multiple distinct accounts from a single login.

Multi-language support

Each login can view Enhance in their preferred language. Learn more.

Dark mode

Set a default preference and allow each user to adjust the Enhance theme on a per login basis.



Synchronise your domain's DNS and set your proxy status with Cloudflare.


Our powerful RESTful API allows you to integrate with 3rd party systems you already use.

WHMCS module

Integrate with the leading web hosting management and billing software.


Integrate with Blesta, an alternative billing software chosen by many web hosts.


HostBill is a powerful, flexible, all-in-one automation, billing, client management and support platform for online businesses.


Upmind is a groundbreaking hosting provider automation system.

Slack notifications

Receive notifications direct to a Slack channel of your choice.


Custom nameservers

Create branded nameservers based on your company domain.

Custom packages

Create packages with unique quotas and bespoke tool sets.


Customise the look and feel of the panel with logos, colours, button styling and more.

Custom domains

Ability to set their own branded control panel, phpMyAdmin and Staging domain.

Multi-tiered reselling

With unlimited levels of reselling straight out the box, you can effortlessly reach new audiences.