Enhance for
web hosts

Provide next generation hosting on an infinitely scalable platform.

Effortlessly scalable

Deploy additional servers with a single command. There’s no fiddling around with settings, each server automatically inherits your global configuration. These settings can be easily adjusted on a per server basis.

Role based servers help you to efficiently use your infrastructure. Assign each machine or virtual machine to be an Email, Application (Apache, LiteSpeed or OpenLiteSpeed), Backup, DNS or Database server or any combination of these.

With no per server licence cost you have the freedom to deploy efficient and profitable infrastructure without incurring additional licence costs.

Works with you to keep sites online

Smart website placement automatically distributes websites to suit the flow of your business. You can distribute automatically by historic load, number of hosted websites or randomly.

Each server role and website hosted is containerised to limit potential attack surface.

A powerful server overview page quickly alerts you to any servers which are experiencing problems.

Easily move load away from heavily loaded servers by moving websites to other machines. DNS is updated automatically and mass migrations can be scheduled to occur in the background.

A unified platform for your whole team

We’ve put everything in one place; you can manage servers, customers and websites all from our single management panel.

Our powerful role based access allows you to securely collaborate with your team. Give them access to servers, customers, hosting plans and reporting, or add them as a collaborator to a single website.

Designed with users in mind

Enhance includes all the website management tools novice and advanced users need including applications, file management, website backups and restores, phpMyAdmin, redirects, Let's Encrypt and more.

Enhance is fully responsive with all features available on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Designed with beginners in mind, the interface is intuitive, allowing customers to quickly and easily carry out common website tasks without the steep learning curve of legacy control panels.

Technology that looks after you and your customers


Integrate Enhance with your existing systems with our powerful RESTful API and ready-to-use modules for popular billing systems.

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The leading web hosting management and billing software.


A modern platform for effortless ordering and billing.

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A customer management, billing, and support system.

Support tools

Tools that help reduce resolution time and increase customer satisfaction.

Customer impersonation

Support staff can access a customer's account from within their own control panel - they will see exactly what the customer sees, helping them guide the customer quickly to the right solution.

Bulk management

Quickly and easily perform common website and customer tasks en masse - move websites between servers, suspend accounts, restore customers and more.

Move websites between servers

Effortlessly move websites between servers directly from your control panel to mitigate load and deliver consistent performance.

Commercially minded

Dedicated server packages

Diversify your product offering with 'managed' dedicated server and VPS packages. There is no additional per-server licence cost.

Unlimited reseller tiers

Open multiple channels of revenue with optional sub reselling allowing resellers to add their own resellers and so on.

Fully brandable

Customise the look and feel of the Enhance control panel to match your brand. Upload a logo, select a custom typeface, add custom URLs and more.

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Install Enhance on your favourite cloud provider or on your own servers.

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