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Upcoming releases

Last updated: May 2024


The following major releases are scheduled. The release dates are estimated and are subject to change. Between major releases, there are often additional minor releases to fix bugs or add smaller features. Features may be added to or removed from any planned release.

Appcd 3.2.0


12th July 2024


  • Website containers are now based on directories mounted from the host o/s, removing the need to create a separate chroot environment.


  • Ability to automatically load Monarx PHP module where Monarx installation is detected.



26th July 2024


  • orchd and appcd will be released together as a single package, for deployment on the control panel server and subordinate app servers.
  • Simplification and unification of service architecture and deployment
    • Remaining legacy services controld, ftpcd, bkupd, bkupfilerd now removed. Responsibilities moved to appcd.
    • Enhance can now be deployed and updated directly from the Enhance apt repository. Automatic updates of Enhance can be enabled.
    • Ability to reach the control panel UI on an IP address during initial setup. The control panel domain no longer needs to be chosen at the point of installation.
    • Ability to sign in to the UI via CLI.
    • The above features enable Enhance to be mass deployed or preinstalled by public cloud and unmanaged dedicated providers.
    • No data migration is required for this update.
  • File manager can now bypass security restrictions from Litespeed, Openlitespeed and Cloudflare which prevent download of wp-config.php and .htaccess files.
  • DNS servers listen on ipv6 by default.
  • Automatic website backups will be initiated by the app/email server rather than the control panel server, improving backup performance on large (100+ server) clusters.


  • Ability to migrate the control panel role to another server in the cluster.
  • Additional CLI utilities for day-to-day admin activities.
  • File manager “trash can” functionality.
  • Ability to reset email server configuration files to safe defaults.
  • Automatic regeneration of internal certificates when a server IP is changed.
  • Optional “single page dashboard” theme, configurable in branding settings.
  • Support for DS and CAA records.
  • Default TTL setting for new DNS zones.



08th August 2024


  • Ability to download an archive backup of a website and import it to another cluster.
    • This simplifies the process of winning a customer from another hosting provider who uses Enhance.
    • The backup/restore will retain mailbox, FTP and database passwords.
  • Ability to browse backups of hard deleted websites, to remove the data, download the backup or restore to a new website.
  • Firewall management interface.
  • Email queue management interface.


The following features are planned for release in the near future but have not yet been assigned to a specific version or release date.

Request new features via our community forum.

Service architecture

  • Support for ARM platform
  • Support for other Linux distributions
  • Ability to run Enhance (with some features restricted) on containerised platforms such as LXC or Virtuozzo
  • Ability to view versions of apt/deb packages installed on the system and to selectively update packages.
  • Ability to make configuration changes to OpenLitespeed and have them persist, similar to the current functionality for commercial Litespeed.
  • Ability to select nominate separate IP on each server for internal data transfer.
  • Ipv6 only servers
  • Proxy on server migration. When a website is moved between servers, the old server will proxy requests to the new server until the DNS is updated.
  • New packages for Nginx and Apache to enable additional modules.
  • Enable passthrough of “real” user IP from known Cloudflare IPs across all web server kinds.
  • Support for custom SSH ports.
  • Framework for compilation/installation of custom PHP modules.
  • Task queue system for website operations (for example installation of WordPress) which will improve performance on servers with a large website count.

Website features

  • Node.js.
  • Python.
  • .NET Core.
  • Additional auto installers
    • Joomla
    • Moodle
    • Magento (including deployment of Elasticsearch)
  • New redirect manager and IP block/allow manager.
    • This will write directly to the web server config to ensure consistency across all web server kinds.
  • Ability to create WordPress templates/recipes which can be deployed by yourself or your customers.
  • WordPress lockdown/anti-malware features, protect your WordPress installations from vulnerable core/plugins/themes.
  • Website performance analysis.
  • Graphing of CPU, Memory and IO usage per website. Display sites with highest usage on dashboard.

Email features

  • Email piping.
  • Catchall email.
  • Groupware (calendars/contacts).
  • Automatic detection of mail routing via DNS.
  • Virus scanning.
  • Learning of HAM/SPAM.
  • Ability to configure mail filtering rules (sieve).
  • Additional webmail features
    • Update password.
    • Configure mail filtering rules.
    • Configure out-of-office.
  • Change outgoing mail IP via UI.

DNS features

  • Allow AXFR from trusted IPs.
  • Integration with 3rd party DNS providers.
  • Import DNS zones from bind format zone files.
  • Import existing zones from Cloudflare before sync.


  • Ability to retain original control panel credentials for cPanel imports.
  • Ability to retain original directory structure for cPanel imports.
  • Improvements to WHMCS module.
  • Default holding page for blank websites.
  • Framework for integration of external applications (website builders, malware protection, software installers, etc) into the Enhance UI.


  • Brute force protection for non-Enhance services.


  • Import from DirectAdmin.
  • Import from Cyperpanel.
  • Import from CWP.
  • Import from Cloudways / Runcloud.


  • Exclude websites from backup.
  • Exclude directories from backup.
  • Incremental backups using other storage kinds (S3/FTP/SSH).