Product roadmap

Last updated: September 2023

Welcome to the Enhance product roadmap, here you will find our development schedule for new features. As well as new features, each Enhance release also includes enhancements to existing features and vital bug fixes which are not outlined on our roadmap. You can track our current releases here.

If you have a feature request or would like to report a bug please do so here.

Please be aware that this roadmap may be adjusted.


September 2023

  • ModSecurity for Apache and Nginx.
  • Ability to restore hard deleted website backups.
  • Ability to add 'notes' to a manually generated website backup.
  • S3 (and compatible) backup target.
  • IPV6 support.
  • Ability to install WordPress on addon, alias and subdomains.
  • 'Friendly name' for access tokens.
  • Improved efficiency to micro-service communication.
  • Subdomain DNS to exist within parent domain instead of separate zone.
  • Cloning a website improvements
    • Automatically replace the siteurl and home on the destination website
    • Copy php version
  • V1 Ability to push the contents of a staging website to a live website without having to delete the staging site.

October 2023

  • Configurable retention of website access logs.
  • MariaDB support.
  • Plesk user driven migrations.
  • Move server migration sessions.
  • Control panel server replication.
  • Firewall management and management user interface.
  • Automatic mail routing detection based on DNS.
  • Notifications center.
  • Immunify360 support.
  • Download website backups;
    • Functionality that allows a backup to be downloaded by an end user. This will be configurable on a per-package level.

November 2023

  • Enhance partner program;
    • Ability to Reseller Enhance licences direct to your own customers.
  • Search and replace when a domain is changed.
  • Package support for multiple sever groups with user ability to select server location.
  • Native Magento and Joomla app installers.
  • Invite users with a URL link.
  • Enhanced outbound email spam prevention and detection.
  • Custom 403 page.
  • cPanel user driven website migrations - fetch from remote server.

December 2023

  • Entire cPanel server migrations.
  • Proxy on server migrations;
    • Automatically proxy website requests from the source server through to the destination server after a server migration, allowing the website to continue functioning if the DNS is not updated immediately.
  • V1 Email queue management interface
    • Status tracking, force delivery, delete from email queue
  • File manger recycling bin
    • Deleted files/folders will contribute to disk space, will be cleared out after x (set by MO) and will have the ability to restore deleted files/folders
  • V3 cPanel importer
    • Additional enhancements to allow for individual domains, files, database and mailboxes to be selected for an import.

January 2024

  • Node.js support.
  • V1 centralised log analysis.
  • Accurate role and disk usage displayed.
  • Wildcard match for prohibited domain names.
  • ModSecurity V2.


The following tools are live on the Enhance platform:

September 2023

  • Auto reload PHP after change php.ini when running OLS or LIteSpeed. ✅ (9.8.0 Core)
  • Improvement to spam filtering. ✅ (9.8.0 Core)
  • Improvement to handling of internationalised WordPress user management. ✅ (9.8.0 Core)
  • DNSKEY and DS records to display for DNSSEC. ✅ (9.8.0 Core)
  • Ability for Let's Encrypt validation to bypass .htaccess rules. ✅ (9.8.0 Core)
  • Fix for auto deletion of backup snapshots where the snapshot was removed outside of Enhance. ✅ (9.8.0 Core)
  • Fix for CloudFlare integration where domains without the same account are using the partial/CNAME method. ✅ (9.8.0 Core)
  • Fix for default automatic cleanup of soft deleted websites, default now correct applied. ✅ (9.8.0 Core)
  • Fix for error unpacking home directory of large cPanel backups. ✅ (9.8.0 Core)
  • Fix for website collaborators being unable to fetch Cloudflare status on domains. ✅ (9.8.0 Core)

August 2023

July 2023

  • Let's Encrypt management panel ✅ (9.5.0 Core)
  • Branding 'create account URL', if provided a sign up to create an account link will be added to the login page ✅ (9.5.0 Core)
  • Clone a website improvements; ✅ (9.5.0 Core)
    • Adhere to server location overrides

May 2023

  • Nginx supportServer disaster recovery ✅ (9.4.0 Core)
  • The ability to mark as server as decommissioned and restore any sites on that server to another server within your cluster. ✅ (9.4.0 Core)
  • DNS templating; ✅ (9.4.0 Core)
    • The ability to create default records which are added to every zone created within the hosting platform.

April 2023

  • Hard disk quota enforcement; ✅ (9.2.0 Core)
    • Settings to enforce a hard disk quota per website on a per-package level. When the quota is exceeded, no more files can be written by FTP, SSH or the web application itself.
  • v2 LiteSpeed config settings ✅ (9.2.0 Core)
  • brotli php module ✅
  • WP toolkit ability to toggle WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_LOG ✅ (9.2.0 Core)
  • DKIM message signing ✅ (9.2.0 Core)
  • Ability to rename a customer's organisation name via the UI ✅ (9.2.0 Core)
  • Configuration of brute force protection for control panel ✅ (9.2.0 Core)
    • UI to allow and block "Login email address" and "IP addresses". Including an automatic 'Temporary block threshold' and 'permanent block threshold' setting for both.

March 2023

  • Use generic issuer for self-signed SSL certificates ✅ (9.1.1 Core)
  • Billing URL ✅ (9.1.1 Core)
    • If a custom billing URL is set an additional menu item will be added to the spine menu.
  • Bandwidth usage graphed on a per website basis ✅ (9.1.0 Core)
  • Move websites between customer ✅ (9.1.0 Core)
    • Functionality that allows a Master organisation or Reseller to move websites between customers in their organisation.
  • Cloudflare API integration ✅ (9.1.0 Core)
    • Ability to sync DNS record to Cloudflare on a per website basis.
  • cPanel user driven migrations ✅ (9.1.0 Core)

January 2023

November 2022

  • Control panel single sign-on (SSO) ✅ (8.2.0 Core)
  • Import of existing WordPress installations into WordPress toolkit ✅ (8.2.0 Core)

October 2022

September 2022

August 2022

July 2022

  • Display the date and time a website was created ✅ (7.1.0 Core)
  • Ability to upload an inverse logo ✅ (7.2.0 Core)
  • Allow subscription plans to be upgrade/downgraded ✅ (7.3.0 Core)
  • Ability to search websites by mapped domains and UUIDs ✅ (7.2.0 Core)
  • SGE improvements - SMTP default to send emails until smtp configured ✅ 7.2.0 Core)
  • Hide deleted websites when impersonating ✅ (7.1.0 Core)
  • File manager 2.0 - full screen editor ✅ , folder upload ✅, download ✅ (7.1.0 Core)

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