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Migrate from

Whether you want to move 1 cPanel account or a whole server, Enhance has the tools you need to seamlessly make the move.

How to migrate cPanel to Enhance

Mass migration

Using root credentials, stream 1 or hundreds of backups directly from your cPanel server to your Enhance cluster. There's no need to manually generate and upload backup files, we'll ensure all files, databases, emails and passwords are transferred across.

Self guided migration

Enhance's migration wizard allows users to effortlessly move to your Enhance cluster. Simply upload a cPanel backup to the Enhance UI and we'll take care of the rest - website files, emails, databases and passwords will all be retained.

Migration as root

For larger cPanel accounts, import a backup to Enhance as root. With no size limit, resource intensive websites can effortlessly be migrated to Enhance by uploading them to the control panel server and continuing the process in the UI.

Choice of theme

Wow customer's with Enhance's "classic" theme or enable the "single page dashboard" theme to give your customers a familiar experience.

Classic theme

Classic theme

Feature rich and fully responsive, Enhance's classic theme makes a big impact. With an intuitive horizontal navigation, it's easier than ever for users to locate the management tools they need.

Single page dashboard theme

Single page dashboard theme

Perfect for users seeking a familiar experience, Enhance's single page theme has a traditional layout without sacrificing features. All website management features are accessible from a single screen.


Log in with cPanel credentials Coming soon

Access your Enhance account using the same cPanel username and password.

Resource usage management

Ensure consistent performance for all hosted websites by limiting CPU, I/O bandwidth, IOPS, nproc and memory on a per-website basis.

Stream sites directly to Enhance Coming soon

Stream a website directly from a remote cPanel server without needing to generate and upload a backup.

WordPress toolkit

Install, configure and updated WordPress sites with Enhance's feature rich toolkit.

Built-in backups

There's no need for additional plugins - a powerful incremental backup and restore system is built into the Enhance platform.

Website containerisation

All websites in your cluster are containerised to protect from vulnerabilities and cross contamination

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