Product roadmap

We are continuously working to develop the features and tools that you care about the most. This product roadmap is our short and medium-term release schedule for the most frequently requested tools.

While we endeavour to deliver according to the schedule, it may not always be possible (for a million different reasons) so, we strongly recommend you keep a close eye on this roadmap for any changes.


  • Display the date and time a website was created ✅
  • Ability to upload an inverse logo ✅
  • Allow subscription plans to be upgrade/downgraded
  • Ability to search websites by mapped domains and UUIDs ✅
  • SGE improvements - SMTP default to send emails until smtp configured ✅
  • Hide deleted websites when impersonating ✅
  • File manager 2.0 - full screen editor ✅ , folder upload ✅, download ✅


  • Improved Enhance installer
  • Spanish language pack
  • v1 LiteSpeed /OpenLiteSpeed support
  • php version 8.1 and 7.3
  • German language pack ✅
  • Lightweight PHP containerisation
  • Proxy on server migrations
  • WooCommerce support


  • v2 LiteSpeed /OpenLiteSpeed config settings
  • Hard resource limitations for CPU, IOPS, RAM
  • WordPress single sign on support
  • Control panel single sign on support
  • Service SSL Let's Encrypt provisioning improvement
  • Tooling to quickly identify if a website is hosted on a server running Enhance
  • Migration sessions
  • Multiple reseller subscriptions support


  • Hard disk quota enforcement
  • User driven website migrations - upload file or fetch from remote cPanel server
  • Email 2FA
  • Firewall management
  • Improved website cloning
  • Server disaster recovery
  • Let's Encrypt management panel (provisioning status, pre-check and manual reissue)


  • S3 (and compatible) backup target
  • Acronis support
  • Nginx support
  • Native Magento and Joomla app installers
  • Notifications center
  • User driven migrations from Plesk servers


  • Entire cPanel server migrations
  • Centralised log analysis

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