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Last updated: January 2023


The Enhance WordPress toolkit is bundled free with the Enhance control panel.

The WordPress toolkit provides an enhanced WordPress experience with a feature rich management interface including WordPress specific tools such as Single-Sign On (SSO), core software update management and plugin management.

In addition to the WordPress toolkit, Enhance supports:

  • Multiple WordPress installations across directories. These installations can all be managed from the same place.
  • Auto-update manager - If enabled, this allows a user to manage auto-updates selecting between "Always update to the latest available version" and "Update to only minor versions".
  • Version 5.59 - 6.0.2 support.
  • Scheduled site backups and restores.
  • Website cloning functionality.

Configurable WordPress tools

The following tools in the toolkit can be enabled/disabled on a per package basis;

  • Pre- install application - If enabled, this will automatically install WordPress on each website created by a user.
  • Plugin manager - if enabled, the use will be able to activate, deactivate, disable, enable, update and delete plugins from within the Enhance panel.
  • WordPress admin lockdown - If enabled, the use will be able to restrict access to the wp-admin by IP address from within the Enhance panel.
  • WordPress user manager - If enabled, the user will be able to add, update and delete additional WordPress users from within the Enhance panel.
  • WordPress SSO - If enabled, the user will be able edit the default SSO login and access the wp-admin with one click.
  • Pre-install plugins - Selected plugins will be pre-installed on each installation of WordPress. Plugins which are available for pre-installation include Wordfence, Yoast SEO and LiteSpeed Cache.

ℹ️ WordPress SSO requires more than one WordPress user to exist and for the website to be running on either LiteSpeed or Apache.

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