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What is Enhance?

Last updated: February 2023

Enhance is a modern multi-server, website and customer automation control panel designed for web hosting companies, VM providers and web agencies.

Enhance can be installed on all common cloud providers or on bare metal machines that meet the minimum hardware and OS requirements.

Enhance offers a single user interface with tools for admins (server owners) and end users (website owners).

The Enhance platform is API first, allowing users to integrate with third-party automation tools with ease.

Admin tools

Server management

An unlimited number on servers can be added to an Enhance cluster.

All servers can be managed with ease from a single interface.

Admin tools

Server roles (Application, DNS, Email, Database and Backups) are containerised and can be distributed across servers in a cluster. This makes it extremely easy to dedicated resources to specific services; Both dedicated control panel and backup servers are a common configuration on Enhance.

Additional servers can quickly be deployed to an Enhance cluster and are ready to use instantly. Each server added to an Enhance cluster automatically inherits a set of global server settings. These settings can then be overridden on a per server basis.

Enhance supports Apache, LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed. When switching to a different application type Enhance takes care of all the configuration required.

Customer management

An unlimited number of customers can be added to the Enhance platform. This can be done via the UI or can be automated using the API (whmcs, Upmind etc)

Add customer via UI

Customer impersonation allows you to login to a customers account without leaving your account. You can then perform tasks on behalf of the customer.

Impersonate a customer

End user tools

Individual websites on Enhance are containerised and have their own Unix user. An end user can have multiple packages and manage all their websites from a single interface.

Website owner dashboard

A end user can also be a member of multiple organisation. These organisations can also be managed from a single interface.

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