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Last updated: April 2022

Support documentation / Website backups

About website backups

Enhance has the capability to back up client websites including databases and emails. Any server in your Enhance cluster can run the Backup role and you can have unlimited backup servers within your cluster. Websites are mapped to backup servers using the standard provisioning rules, in the same way as other roles.

You can run the backup role on the same server as other roles however we strongly recommend creating dedicated backup servers - there is no additional licence cost for doing this.

Websites will be automatically backed up according to the schedule you define in platform settings. Customers (if enabled on their package) will also have the ability to manually create restore points and restore from backups.

Configure the backup role

To add the backup role to a server, you will first need a raw block device to be attached to the server. This might be a RAID array, a single disk, a SAN or any other storage you wish to use. It must be unmounted. It will be formatted with btrfs and any existing data will be deleted.

Enable backups

To proceed, click "servers" in the left hand menu and choose the server to which you want to add the backup role. The device path should be the path to the block device you wish to use. The mount point can be anything which is not currently mounted - we recommend /backups.

When enabling a backup role for the first time, existing websites will not be mapped to it. This can be done by clicking "move server" in the left hand menu. Until this is done, the websites will not take backups.

Set up a dedicated backup server

You can create a dedicated backup server for a customer by subscribing them to a plan which is set to "dedicated" and choosing the backup server at the point of subscription.

How to avoid performance issues

Configure backups to run during the hours your platform is least used by customers.

To customise your backup times:

  1. Open ‘Settings’ in the left side bar
  2. Select 'Platform' and 'Backups'
  3. Under 'Allowed backup hours' toggle on backups to be carried out at the times your platform is least busy

Increase minimum backup age

To customise your minimum backup age:

  1. Open ‘Settings’ in the left side bar
  2. Select 'Platform' and 'Backups'
  3. Under 'Minimum backup age (Hours)'

Still need help?

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