Important information

Updating to version 8.0.0

Last updated: February 2023

About version 8.0.0

Version 8.0.0 will update your system to the latest appcd, which will provide you with the following benefits;

  • Installation requirements reduced by 50%. Recommended minimum hardware requirements are now: 2GB RAM minimum, 4GB recommended, 40GB disk, 2CPU cores or vCPUs.
  • Faster website creation
  • All website users will be added to your host system's /etc/passwd and therefore their processes will be easier to identify when running "ps" or "top"
  • Ability to "su" into a website's container
  • LiteSpeed and OpenLitespeed web server support
  • Customer SSH now uses your system's built in SSH server - sessions automatically enter their application container
  • Customer cron jobs now use your system's built in crond - jobs are automatically executed within the customer's application container
  • Additional scheduled feature releases

Updating to version 8.0.0

We have carried out significant automated testing for updating from all existing Enhance versions to the latest 8.0.0.

However, as this is a fundamental change before proceeding to updated to versions 8.0.0 please note;

  • We strongly recommend that you check the integrity and completeness of your website backups.
  • Each server will be updated in turn - appcd will be installed using apt before any other changes are made
  • Websites on your Enhance cluster will go offline for a short period of time, one server at a time. Downtime will be between 30 seconds and 10 minutes depending on sever load and number of sites. Downtime of this kind due to an update is a one-off.
  • The upgrade will take longer than most normal upgrades due to the amount of changes
  • Websites will retain the existing major version of PHP but the patch version may change
  • All other website settings will be retained
  • Other server roles will not be affected
  • Existing sshcd, apachecd and all phpcd containers will be removed as they are no longer required
  • Installing this update will enable your system's "ufw" firewall if currently disabled. All necessary ports will be allowed automatically.
  • Your primary SSH port will be changed from 2222 to 22. You should use port 22 to administer your system after the update.
  • If you think the update has stalled or failed, please contact support - please do not restart your server.

You can update your Enhance version in your control panel by visiting Platform settings > Software updates.

This update is not a security release and you do not need to urgently update.

Have question about updating?

As always, if you have and questions or experience any issues please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team.