Last updated: November 2022


The Enhance control panel includes a powerful set of Reseller tools.

A reseller is a customer who is subscribed to a hosting package that has Reseller privileges enabled, allowing them to create custom hosting packages which they can then sell to their own customers.

ℹ️ A reseller has no access to server management or control over which servers their customers websites are placed on.

Reseller tools

The following reseller tools are supported on the Enhance platform.

Multi-tiered reselling:

Enabling the package feature 'Allow sub-resellers' lets direct reseller customers offer reseller hosting packages to their own customers.

A reseller customer can only create additional packages within the resource limits of their own package.

Dedicated reseller package:

A reseller package on Enhance can be made 'Dedicated'. This will ensure all the websites belonging to that Reseller are placed on a specific server.


Enabling 'Branding' allows Reseller to customise the control panel with their own logos, fonts, colours and button border radius.

Custom URLs:

Resellers can set their own control panel, phpMyAdmin and Roundcube domain names.

Custom nameservers:

Resellers can create custom nameservers for their customers to use, for example

Custom hosting packages:

A reseller can create their own hosting packages with custom resource limits and tools that meet their clients needs.

Creating a Reseller package

ℹ️ A customer can only subscribe to one Reseller hosting package.

To enable Reseller hosting privileges on a hosting package:

  1. Click 'Settings' in the left side bar
  2. Select an existing package or click 'Add new'
  3. Toggle 'Allow Reselling' on and select any additional reseller tools.
  4. Complete the form and hit 'Save'

To learn how to subscribe a customer to a hosting package click here.

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