Getting started

Hardware requirements

Last updated: January 2023

The minimum hardware requirements for installing Enhance are:

  1. A private virtual, or bare-metal server (4GB RAM, 40GB disk, 2CPU cores or vCPUs)
  2. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Docker and any required Docker images will be installed for you.

All customer data resides in /var and we recommend, if your disk is partitioned, that this partition contains most of your available space.

ℹ️ If you are running mass hosting or a large number of websites you will require substantially more resources, particularly memory.

Additionally the hardware requirements will vary depending on the roles you have installed. For example, a database server may require higher i/o performance than a mail server.

If you do find that you outgrow a server which you have deployed, Enhance makes it easy to migrate website roles to new machines.

Still need help?

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