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Last updated: November 2022

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About language selection

Enhance allows you to view the control panel in your preferred languages.

Platform language - This setting determines the default language for all new accounts added to your Enhance cluster. A users browser language will take precedence over this setting.

User login language - This setting overrides the 'Platform language' allowing a custom language selection per login.

Available locales

The following locales are available on the Enhance platform.

  • en-gb
  • en-us
  • de
  • es

Change platform language

To change your Enhance platform language:

  1. Open 'Settings' in the left side bar
  2. Click 'Platform' and navigate to 'Language'
  3. Select you preferred language from the 'Language' drop down

Change user login language

To change your Enhance user language:

  1. Select the avatar in the top right hand corner of your dashboard and select 'My account'
  2. Navigate to 'Profile'
  3. Select you preferred language from the 'Language' drop down

ℹ️ While impersonating a customer, the 'user login language' for the logged in user will take precedence over the customer's language selection.

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