Integration modules

Last updated: November 2022

Integration modules provide an interface between 3rd party systems and Enhance, using Enhance's API.

WHMCS is a leading web hosting management and billing software. WHMCS provides automation for key business functions including product provision, billing, promotions and domain reselling.

We provide a basic module for WHMCS. All subscriptions provisioned under a WHMCS client will be created under the same organisation (client) in Enhance.

The Enhance WHMCS module is available to download here.

The file contains a README with further instructions for installation. If you have any problems please report them by raising a support ticket.


Blesta is the fastest growing billing platform for Web hosting providers.

A module for Blesta has been developed by a third-party and is available to download here.

Upmind integration

Upmind is a client management, product management and billing platform for small and medium service businesses.

Information around the Enhance integration can be found here.

Looking for a specific module?

If the module you're looking for isn't yet available - let us know. We're continuously working to expand our integrations.