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Improving website performance

Last updated: November 2022

Support documentation / Improving website performance

To ensure the best performance for your websites, we recommend the following steps.

Select servers with NVMe SSD storage

Using a server with local NVMe SSD storage will yield better I/O performance than network attached block storage, SATA or SAS SSDs or spinning disks.

This is especially relevant if you have a website with large MySQL databases.

Use servers with a modern CPU and high clock speed

The number of CPU cores is important for scaling your cluster however, the clock speed is generally more relevant when it comes to improving a sites speed and TTFB (time to first byte).

Enable opcode caching

Ensure you have toggled opcode caching "on" in the Enhance control panel.

Utilise LiteSpeed / OpenLiteSpeed + LSCache

If you are running WordPress websites, consider switching to LiteSpeed or OpenLiteSpeed and install the LiteSpeed Cache plugin through your WordPress plugin manager. In our experience this can give ~10ms TTFB for cache hits.

You can create hosting packages in the Enhance panel that pre-install the LiteSpeed cache plugin on all WordPress installations.

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