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Last updated: November 2022

Support documentation / Database role


The Database role installs MySQL 8.0 along with the Enhance management daemon.

Installing Database role

ℹ️ To run the database role on a server allow port 3306 on your firewall.

The Backup role can be installed on an existing or new server. We recommend installing the Database role on each of your Application servers.

To add a Database role to a new or existing server:

  1. Click 'Servers' in the left side bar
  2. Choose the server that you want to add the backup role to
  3. Click 'Add role' and select the 'Database' check box. Complete the form and hit 'Add role'

ℹ️ You can navigate away from the server page when a service is being installed and you will be notified when the installation is completed.

ℹ️ The Database role will not automatically be mapped to websites. If you are installing a role which did not previously exist on your Enhance estate and you want to map existing websites to it so they can use the new functionality, use the "Move server" option from the left hand menu.

Database settings

The Database role autimatically inherits the global Service settings. my.cnf settings can be overridden on a per server basis.

To configure global Database settings:

  1. Open 'Settings' in the left sidebar
  2. Select 'Service' settings in the menu
  3. Navigate to the 'my.cnf' section.


Settings for my.cnf should be managed through your Enhance control panel.

You should not attempt to manually edit my.cnf as these changes will be overridden.

Before applying any settings, Enhance will check that the mysql server accepts the settings without generating an error. Settings which can be applied at runtime will be applied immediately, others might require a MySQL restart.

To override my.cnf settings on a per server basis:

  1. Open ‘Servers’ in the left side bar
  2. Select 'Manage' on the server
  3. Navigate to the ‘Role’ you’d like to configure custom settings for
  4. Click ‘Settings’

Any inherited global settings will be tagged 'Default'. Any custom or edited default settings will not be tagged.


Enhance automatically installs phpMyAdmin to allow your users to manage their databases. Enhance generates a single sign-on link so the user can just press the phpMyAdmin button in their control panel and be logged directly in to phpMyAdmin without needing to select a server or enter any additional credentials.

ℹ️ The phpMyAdmin button will only appear if a phpMyAdmin domain is set in 'Platform' > 'Platform domains'

To set a phpMyAdmin domain:

  1. Open ‘Settings’ in the left side bar
  2. Select ‘Platform’ from the settings menu
  3. Navigate to the ‘Control panel website domains’
  4. Select the edit button next to the 'phpMyAdmin domain‘ field and hit 'Save' to finish.

Resellers can also set up a custom phpMyAdmin URL for their clients.

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