Cloudflare setup

Last updated: March 2023

ℹ️ The Cloudflare integration is in BETA. This means the tool has been thoroughly tested but you may stumble across obscurities. Please report any unusual behaviour to

Enhance's Cloudflare integration allows you to synchronise your domain's DNS with Cloudflare.

This guide will explain how to setup Cloudflare with Enhance.


Multiple Cloudflare accounts can be linked to a single Enhance organisation. Cloudflare accounts added to an Enhance organisation can then be linked to individual domain names.

To connect a Cloudflare account to Enhance, you will need to generate an API token using Cloudflare's default DNS template. You can do this by visiting

To add a Cloudflare account to your organisation:

  1. Open 'Integrations' in the left side bar
  2. On the Cloudflare card click 'Add'
  3. When the modal loads enter a 'Friendly name' and your Cloudflare 'API token'
  4. Ensure the token as Zone.Zone and Zone.DNS Edit privileges
  5. Click 'Save' to finish

Adding Cloudflare to a domain

Connecting Cloudflare to a domain in your Enhance account will automatically sync all existing records in your Cloudflare account with the DNS records set in your Enhance account.

To connect Cloudflare with a domain in your account:

  1. Click 'Manage' on the domain you would like to connect
  2. At the top of the screen, beneath your domain you will see a Cloudflare selector. In the drop down select the token you would like to link.

If the domain exists in you Cloudflare account, Enhance will connect it and replace any records. If the domain doesn't not exist we will create it.

ℹ️ A Cloudflare API token can not be connected to staging domains. CloudFlare (by their own limitation) can only be used on apex domains. If you have a website on a subdomain for example then CloudFlare cannot be enabled. The workaround is to enable it on the parent domain and add an A record for the subdomain.

ℹ️ To use Cloudflare, you need to point the nameservers for your domain to Cloudflare's. You can change your nameserver where you have registered you domain.

DNS settings

The proxy status of a DNS record affects how Cloudflare treats incoming traffic for that record.

To disable/enable Cloudflare's proxy on a DNS record:

  1. Visit 'Domains' and navigate to the 'DNS records' card
  2. On the relevant record, select 'Edit' in the kebab menu
  3. Toggle 'Proxy status' and click 'Save' to finish

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