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Enhance launched March 21st 2022 after 2 years in development and is currently in open Beta.

This means that you can sign up for a trial licence and use Enhance (even commercially) but that some functionality may be unavailable. We perform extensive automated and manual testing before release however, since Enhance is new, bugs of varying severity are possible.

We have an excellent highly agile development team and our speed of iteration is very high. We intend to release every 2 weeks.

The following features are due to release in 2022. Please submit additional feature requests as support tickets - those features with the most requests will be prioritised for development.


Currently each website's PHP runs under a separate php-fpm pool in a separate Docker container with its own copy of our PHP management daemon known as phpcd. The memory footprint is as low as possible and the size and process strategy of php-fpm is configurable however there is some memory footprint. Enhance will shortly support other more efficient methods of running PHP for mass hosting providers without any compromise on security.


Websites are backed up (if the website has a backup server mapped) however we do not provide an automated method of restoring a website and its config once it is permanently deleted. This feature will be available soon.

We are also working on a method for a customer to download an archive backup of their website data.


Currently Enhance supports migration of website roles between servers on the same Enhance cluster. Migration from other popular control panels such as Plesk and cPanel and from other instances of Enhance is coming soon.

Supported website languages

Presently only PHP is supported. We will shortly be adding support for other backends for example Node/Deno, Django, Rails.

Auto installers

Presently we only have the ability to auto install WordPress. We will be adding further app installers.


IPv6 support is coming soon.

Firewall management

Enhance currently does not configure any iptables rules, aside from those required by Docker and for passive mode FTP. We recommend using Enhance with a hardware firewall at this time. Full iptables management via Enhance is coming soon.

Lets' Encrypt

Unless disabled in the platform configuration, Enhance will attempt to provision LetsEncrypt for any websites which do not currently have a signed SSL or where the signed SSL has expired. However there is limited insight into any failures which might occur. We are working on a fully-featured panel for LetsEncrypt to enable your customers to see why their certificate might succeed or fail and to remedy this automatically.

Root DNS zone editor

We are working on a method to allow the owner of the Enhance estate to modify any DNS zone from a single panel.

Server disaster recovery

We are working on a method to recover from the total loss of a server by restoring the last available backup to a new server and updating the metadata and DNS accordingly.

Brute force protection

We are on a brute force protection capability for e-mail services and SSH.

Hard disk quota enforcement

We will provide an option to enforce hard disk quotas at a system level. At the moment quotas are tracked and reported but not enforced.

Notification centre

Various events will trigger notifications to relevant users within your organisation.

WordPress security features

We are working on additional WordPress security features to harden WordPress without the need for external tooling.

Centralised logging

We will shortly collate and make available/searchable all service logs from within the main control panel.

Website full page caching

We will be providing options to enable and control full page website caching.

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