Admin tools

Configure advanced platform settings, deploy and manage servers and effortlessly manage websites and customer accounts from a single control panel.

Server management

Simple server deployment

Provision new servers to your cluster with a single command.

Zero config scaling

Each server automatically inherits your global settings - make changes per-server where needed.

Smart website placement

Configure rules to automatically distributed sites to servers based on 'least load', 'least websites' or at 'random'.

Server reboots

Gracefully or forcefully reboot a server directly from your control panel.

Restart roles

Gracefully or forcefully restart a service directly from your control panel.

Server groups

Group servers and link them to packages to guarantee website placement. Perfect for those who want to offer performance or location based hosting packages.

Server statistics

Monitor Disk and Memory usage, Network and load with almost real time monitoring.


cPanel importer

Quickly and easily move websites and emails from cPanel using an account backup or SCP.

PHP.ini editor

Manage PHP settings for a particular website, without affecting server defaults.

Move server

Move a whole website or individual services between servers in your hosting cluster with zero downtime.

Bulk management

Quickly and easily perform common upkeep and management tasks across multiple websites and accounts.

Transfer website ownership

Quickly transfer websites between customer accounts.