# Custom Virtualhosts

This tool is only available to the ‘Master Organisation’ and 'Resellers'

This tool allows you to inject custom virtual host directives alongside the virtual host config generated by Enhance. on all websites hosted on Apache and Nginx webservers.

The config that you enter here will be injected into the Apache virtual host, below all other directives. You can override existing directives. If you need to revert the configuration manually, edit /var/local/enhance/apache/vhost_includes/{domain}.conf.

A custom virtualhost can be configured for each addon, alias and subdomain on a website.

To set a custom virtual host:

  1. Select Websties from the left hand menu
  2. Located the website you would like to add the custom virtualhost
  3. In the drop down menu select Overrides
  4. Scroll to VirtualHost config
  5. Click Edit configuration
  6. Once the editor loads make your changes and click Save


This is an advance tool, entering the incorrect syntax in the editor may break your web server.