# cPanel Importer

# About

Enhance's 'cPanel importer' tool allows you to migrate a cPanel account to Enhance.

A cPanel import to Enhance will restore a full cPanel account backup. Websites should work exactly as they did on cPanel. Some proprietary features available on cPanel are not supported on Enhance, these tools will not be copied across.

The following will be imported:

  • Primary website
  • Sub, add-on and parked domains will become mapped domains within a single website
  • All files
  • All database
  • Any installed applications
  • All email accounts with their passwords and email data
  • All forwarders-only accounts
  • Any existing SSL certificate
  • Cron jobs
  • FTP accounts
  • MX and TXT for SPF records

The following proprietary tools are not supported on Enhance:

  • Postgres databases
  • Wildcard subdomains
  • Mailman settings
  • Directory privacy
  • PostgreSQL databases
  • Catch all email addresses
  • Autoresponders
  • Calendars and contacts`
  • Existing statistics
  • Error pages

The Enhance cPanel importer is compatible with full cPanel account backups generated on versions 102 LTS, 104, 106, 108.

# Importing a cPanel backup


If any domains you are importing already exist in your Enhance account, you will need to delete these to proceed with the import.

To import a cPanel account to Enhance:

  1. Select websiter importer in the left side bar
  2. Click New import
  3. Select cPanel
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to generate a compatible cPanel backup. Your backup must be a full account backup. Save the tar.gz file to your desktop.
  5. Click Next step
  6. Select Choose file to upload your cPanel backup
  7. Select Next step
  8. Once the page loads. Check for any conflicts (Any conflicts that are blocking your website import will be highlighted in the red modal)
  9. Select Import now to finish