# Webmail (RoundCube)

We currently install Roundcube (opens new window) by default. This integrates with Enhance so that it works with all you email servers from the same webmail link.

Once an email role is installed a 'Webmail' domain is required, this is the domain your customers will visit to access Roundcube. Once a 'Webmail' domain is provided a 'Webmail' button will appear on a Website's Email management page.


Aletnatively a customer can accesss their webmail by visiting https://mail.{customer_domain}.

# Set Custom Webmail domain

To set your Roundcube domain:

  1. Open Settings in the left side bar
  2. Select Platform from the settings menu
  3. Navigate to the Control panel website domains
  4. Select the edit button next to the 'Roundcube domain‘ field and hit 'Save' to finish


Ensure the DNS for your chosen Roundcube domain name points to your control panel server if the nameservers are external.