# Email Settings

The Email role automatically inherits Enhance's global Email Service settings. Smart host settings can be overridden on a per server basis.

# Configure Global Email Service settings

To configure global Email role settings:

  1. Open Settings in the left sidebar
  2. Select Service settings in the menu
  3. Navigate to the Email section

The following Email settings can be configured:

Maximum mailbox message Applied per hour.

Maximum website messages Applied per hour per website. This setting will take precedence over maximum mailbox messages.

# Smart host setting

This will automatically configure your email server to send all outbound email through a third party with authentication.

To override SMTP settings on a per server basis:

  1. Open Servers in the left side bar
  2. Select Manage on the server
  3. Navigate to the ‘Role’ you’d like to configure custom settings for
  4. Click Settings

Any inherited global settings will be tagged 'Default'. Any custom or edited default settings will not be tagged.