# Installing Email Role


To run the Email role on a server allow port 143, 110, 993, 995, 25, 587 and 465 on your firewall.

The Email role can be installed on an existing or new server.

To add a Email role to a new or existing server:

  1. Click Servers in the left side bar
  2. Choose the server that you want to add the Email role to
  3. Click Add role and select the Email check box
  4. Complete the form and hit Add role

The hostname should be a hostname that resolves to the server and have a matching reverse DNS


You can navigate away from the server page when a service is being installed and you will be notified when the installation is completed.

The Email role will not automatically be mapped to websites. If you are installing a role which did not previously exist on your Enhance cluster and you want to map existing websites to it so they can use the new functionality, use the "Move server" option from the left hand menu.