# Installing the Backup Role

  • If using an external firewall allow all ports from other servers in your cluster to the intended backup server.
  • Ensure a raw block device is attached to the server you are adding the Backup role to:
    • This might be a RAID array, a single disk, an SSD, a SAN, an iSCSI volume or a partition of any of these.
    • It must be unmounted. Enhance will format the block device with btrfs and any existing data on the device will be deleted.

To add a backup role to a new or existing server:

  1. Click Servers in the left side bar
  2. Choose the server that you want to add the backup role to
  3. Click Add role and select the Backup check box. Complete the form and hit Add role


The Device path should be the path to the block device you wish to use. You can run the following command to see a list of block devices on your server:-


The mount point can be any path which is not currently mounted - we recommend /backups.

If you have websites which were created before the backup role was installed, you may wish to map them to the new backup server using the move server option in the left hand menu.