# Backup Role Settings

Each Backup role on your server automatically inherits the global Service settings. Once enabled you will be able to offer website backups as a service to customers.

To configure global Backup settings:

  1. Open Settings in the left sidebar
  2. Select Service settings in the menu
  3. Navigate to the Backups section.

Configurable settings include:

  • Minimum backup age The minimum time since the last backup was taken required for a website to be backed up again. This setting prevents creating an excessive number of backups.

  • Max backup age (Hours) The maximum time between backups of a website. This is a target and may be exceeded if your platform has high load.

  • Maximum backup retention The length of time a backup is stored before it is deleted from the backup service.

  • Backup emails Email accounts will be backed up alongside all website backups.

  • Maximum concurrent backups The number of concurrent backups taken per server. If this setting is too low, it may not achieve the ‘Maximum backup age’.


    If Maximum concurrent backups is set too high, this may cause excessive system load.

  • Allowed backup hours The hours at which automatic backups will run. This adheres to the local timezone of your Enhance master server.