# LiteSpeed Per Sever Settings

# About

LiteSpeed (opens new window) web server is a drop-in Apache replacement. From adopting LiteSpeed you can expect to see:

  • Faster site loading times
  • Increased security (ModSecurity rules)
  • LiteSpeed’s caching plugins for the major CMS’s (WordPress)
  • Improved server load

Servers running LiteSpeed will automatically inherit the Global Application setttings. In addition to the General Per Server Settings there are a handful of customisable configurations specific to LiteSpeed:

# Reset Admin Password

Once installed a randomised LiteSpeed Admin panel username and password is generated. This tool allows you to reset the password used to access the LiteSpeed admin panel. During a password reset the username will also be reset to 'Admin'.

# Reset Config to Default

This tool resets your LiteSpeed config settings to safe defaults. Any custom configurations set in the LiteSpeed admin will be overridden and lost.

Config path is: