# Installing Application Role


To run the Application role on a server allow port 80, 443, 22 and 21 on your firewall.


We recommend running the Application role and Databse role on the same server for improved speeds.

When an application role is installed it will automatically inherit the Global Application settings. Further customisation can be made to an application roles General Per Server Application Settings and

To install the Application role on a server:

  1. Click Servers in the left side bar
  2. Locate the server you would like to install the Application role on and select Manage from the drop down menu
  3. Scroll to roles
  4. Click Add role and select the Application check box
  5. Select your webserver type. You can find a webserver kind comparison here (Apache, LiteSpeed, OpenLiteSpeed or Nginx (opens new window)
  6. Complete the form and hit Add role


The Application role will not automatically be mapped to existing websites. To map existing websites to the new role use the "Move server" option found in the left hand menu.