# Apache

The Apache web server is the default web server choice. It offers the maximum compatibility with your web applications and has full .htaccess support. If Apache is chosen, the PHP SAPI will be PHP FPM.

# Virtual Host Includes

It is not possible to edit the primary httpd.conf. Any changes made to this file will be lost on update. However you can include custom configuration within a virtual host. This is an advanced feature and should be done carefully; incorrect syntax will take down your web server.

To add custom virtual host configuration for a site, log in to your server with SSH as root and edit the file at /var/local/enhance/apache/vhost_includes/example.com.conf where example.com is the domain for which you want to add the custom configuration. This file will be included at the end of both the http and https <VirtualHost> block.

# ModSecurity

ModSecurity can be configured via the control panel. For more informaiton see ModSecurity (opens new window).