# Optimising servers for WordPress

Enhance doesn't directly optimise your servers or your websites for performance but it provides the tools you need to do so.

To ensure the best performance for your websites, we recommend the following optimisations.

  1. # Select servers with NVMe SSD storage

    Using a server with local NVMe SSD storage will yield better I/O performance than network attached block storage, SATA or SAS SSDs or spinning disks.

This is especially relevant if you have a website with large MySQL databases.

  1. # Use servers with a modern CPU and high clock speed

    The number of CPU cores is important for scaling your cluster however, the clock speed is generally more relevant when it comes to improving a sites speed and TTFB (time to first byte).

  2. # Enable opcode caching

    Ensure you have toggled opcode caching "on" in the Enhance control panel.

  3. # Utilise LiteSpeed / OpenLiteSpeed + LSCache

    If you are running WordPress websites. switch to a LiteSpeed (opens new window) or OpenLiteSpeed (opens new window) web server and install the LiteSpeed cache plugin through your WordPress plugin manager. From our experience, utilising a LiteSpeed or OpenLiteSpeed webserver with LS cache can give ~10ms TTFB for cache hits.

  4. # Avoid overloading your servers

    Enhance does not charge a per-server licence fee therefore it is generally more efficient to spread customers across a larger number of servers than it would be with other legacy control panels. This helps avoid "bad neighbour" effect and ensure adequate available CPU to keep all sites running efficiently.