# Website Server Placement

This tool is only available to the ‘Master Organisation’

# About

Enhance includes advanced website server placement logic to ensure website are provisioned to make the best use of your infrastructure.

# Global website server placement

All new website added to your cluster will be provisioned according to this setting.

The available server placement options are:

Least load will place each role for the website on the server with the lowest historic load average, provided that server is up.

Least websites will place each role on the server with the least websites currently mapped to it, provided that server is up. If you are gradually scaling your cluster, this is probably the best option as newly added servers will receive all new websites until they reach the usage level of your existing servers.

Random will select a server at random for placement of websites. If you deploy a large cluster all at once you may wish to use this option as it will give the most even distribution of websites.


In all cases, server roles which are disabled will be ignored and websites will not be placed on them.

To configure global website server placement:

  1. Click Settings in the left hand menu
  2. Visit Platform settings and scroll to Server placement


Server placement rules are overridden by plan server groups and subscription dedicated servers.

# Force website server placement

It is possible to override your platforms server placement logic when adding a new website to your cluster.


This functionality is only available to the master organisation. Resellers and End users have no control over server placement, websites added by them will be placed according to your server placement logic.

To override the primary server placement logic:

  1. Click Websites in the left hand menu
  2. Select Add website
  3. Scroll to Server placement. Select your chosen server locations and click Add to finish.

# Disable website placement on a server

It is possible to stop websites from being provisioned to specific servers. Disabling placement on a server will exclude that server from the global website server placement and stop any new websites being provisioned. Any websites that already exists on the server will be unaffected.


You can move websites between servers on your cluster by using the 'Move server' tool

To disable website placement on a server:

  1. Click Servers in the left hand menu
  2. Select the server you would like to stop websites being placed on
  3. Scroll to Roles. On each tab (excluding DNS) select Disable placement
  4. Click Disable to confirm