# Adding Servers to Cluster

Enhance is a multi-server hosting control panel. This means you can add additional servers to your Enhance cluster to seamlessly manage them from one user interface. Different servers can be in disparate locations and can host different clients or customers. Servers can even be dedicated to specific roles, for example, for email or backup.


Any servers added to your Enhance cluster must be running a fresh install of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (no other data)

To add a new server to an your Enhance cluster:

  1. Log-in to your Enhance user interface
  2. Click Servers
  3. Click Add server button
  4. A box will open out, you can copy the command you need to run on the new server by clicking the copy icon.
  5. Copy the command and run as root on the server you wish to add to your Enhance
  6. After a few minutes, the new server will appear in your Enhance server listing, where you can add/install specific roles to the new system