# Disaster Recovery

In the event of a hardware failure or another disaster the Enhance panel allows you to quickly restore website data (files, databases and email accounts) from the last available backup on to another server in your cluster.

Caveats After restoring a website, you must:

  • Manually reset individual mailbox passwords

To recover a server and restore websites

  1. Click Servers in the left sidebar
  2. On the problematic server select Mark as decommissioned from the drop down menu
  3. When the server appears in the 'Decommissioned' server group, select Restore websites. This will take you to the 'Move server' page with all the website on the decommissioned server preselcted. From here you can select a new sever location for the websites which will be restored from backup onto the new server location


It is not possible to delete a server which has website data on it.