# Password Reset

# Reset Customer's Password

If a customer has forgotten their login credentials, we recommend they reset their password by selecting the 'Forgot password' link on the login page. A customer can also change their own password while logged in by selecting 'My account'.

To reset a customer's password on their behalf:

  1. Select Customers in the left hand menu
  2. Locate the customers organisation and click Manange customers
  3. Select the Users tab
  4. Locate the user whose password you would like to reset and select the kebab menu then Reset password
  5. When the modal loads enter the new password and select Save

# Reset Owner Password

If you have forgotten the password for your master organisation's owner login, you can usually reset it by clicking reset password as a user would, and following the steps to complete the password reset.

However, if this is a new installation and you have not yet configured system generated emails, there is an alternative method using SQL.

On your control server, run:

$ docker exec -it authd-postgres psql -U enhance
> UPDATE logins SET password =DECODE(CRYPT ('NEW PASSWORD',gen_salt('bf')),'escape') WHERE email = 'owner@mo.com';

(Replace owner@mo.com with the email of your owner)

You should then be able to log in.