# DNS zone templating

Default DNS records are useful if you want to host applications or services outside of your Enhance cluster and have the relevant DNS records automatically added whenever your client creates a website or domain on their account.

This is particularly useful if you are using a 3rd party email gateway (smart host) and they require you to add email authentication records to the customer zone or, if you have an external WAF appliance or caching proxy in front of your Enhance web server. You can add its IP in place of the root A record (with the override setting on) to redirect all traffic through the appliance.

# Adding a DNS template

To add a DNS template

  1. Open Settings in the left side bar
  2. Select Platform and scroll to DNS zone templating
  3. select Add record


You can use $$origin$$ within the record value. This will be replaced with the customer's domain. This is useful if the record might point to a different server depending on the domain. For example creating 'your-customer.com.your-service.your-company.com' and the template record might be '$$origin$$.your-service.yourcompany.com.'

  1. Click Save to finish


Any edits made to an existing template will only be applied to new websites/domains and will not affect existing ones.