# WordPress Toolkit

A powerful WordPress (opens new window) toolkit is bundled free with the Enhance control panel.

The WordPress toolkit provides a feature rich management interface that allows users to update and manage WordPress installations without having to leave the Enhance control panel.

Each tool within the WordPress toolkit can be enabled or disabled on hosting packages.

Included in the WordPress toolkit:

Pre- install application - this will automatically install WordPress on each website added. The user will be prompted to created an WordPress admin at point of creation.

Plugin manager - this allows users to activate, deactivate, disable, enable, update and delete plugins from within the Enhance panel.

WordPress admin lockdown - this allows users to restrict access to their wp-admin by IP address.

WordPress user manager - this allows user to add, update and delete additional WordPress users from within the Enhance panel.

WordPress SSO - this allows user to edit the default SSO login and access the wp-admin from the Enhance control panel without having to enter their login credentials.

Pre-install plugins - Selected plugins will be pre-installed on each installation of WordPress. Plugins which are available for pre-installation include Wordfence, Yoast SEO and LiteSpeed Cache.

Debugging - this allows the user to toggle on/off WP_DEBUG, WP_DEBUG_LOG and WP_DISPLAY.