# Troubleshooting

# Roundcube gives a white page

Roundcube calls back to your control panel website to determine the correct IMAP and SMTP settings for a given mailbox.

Your control panel URL must be accessible from the PHP container running the Roundcube website and located on your control panel server. Your control panel must have a valid SSL certificate (either auto Let's Encrypt or your own custom SSL). If either of these are not true then Roundcube will give a white page on login.

# Email tools are not showing on a website

If you are unable to access the Email tools on your website dashboard, please:

  1. Check you have an Email role installed on your servers
  2. Check that the hosting package the website is on has 'Email' resources assigned to it. You can check this by visiting 'Packages'.
  3. Check that the website has an Email role assigned. You can check this by visiting 'Customers' locating the customer and viewing the Website tab. If the website does not have an Email role assigned, you can assign one using the 'Move server' tool.

# Certificate warning in Email software

A certificate warning may be shown if the IP or domain you are connecting to does not match one of the SSL Certificates assigned to the server.

To eliminate the certificate warning, add a server domain to each server running the Email role and connect to the server domain when configuring your email software's incoming and outgoing server.

To add a server domain to a server:

  1. Open Servers in the left side bar
  2. Select the Server you would like to add an SSL to
  3. Select the three dots in the top right hand corner of the page and select Server domains from the drop down menu
  4. Navigate to Server domain input the server domain and click 'Add'