# Installing Ioncube

The ionCube loader can be uploaded and enabled on a per website basis.

  1. Download the IonCube loader (opens new window) You need the x86_64 (Linux 64bit) version.

  2. Extract the files and upload them to the site you want to use with Ioncube.

  3. Unzip the directory (it should create a directory called 'ioncube' with a copy of all of the loaders within).

  4. On the dashboard of the chosen website visit Developer tools Scroll to the php.ini editor card and add:-

Directive Value Text
zend_extension Text /var/www/{websiteId}/ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_7.4.so

Where {websiteId} is the website UUID and /ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_7.4.so is the path to the loader that you uploaded to the website. The loader path will differ if you are using Ioncube for a different version of PHP, so for example the .so for PHP 7.1 would be ioncube_loader_lin_7.1.so.